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Module 2 - Aviation - 10 Mar 2016

VIP Flight Attendants” Business Aviation Industry

  • OXFORD Aviation English Lng
  • Aviation psychology/practical training
  • Geographical outsource
  • International Gastronomy
  • High level service( Catering/order/serving)
  • Course of Sommelier
  • Course of Barista
  • Course of Floristics
  • CRM ( Crew recourse Management)
  • FA Day/ hotel/airport/
  • Programme of psychoemotional and physical recovery
  • Individual Coaching Sessions
  • Practice on board

Aviation English and psychology

Aviation English involves special terminology used in the field of aviation. With this knowledge and expertise of aviation psychology process of communication and interaction with team( crew) is much higher and more effective.

Geographical Knowledge and gastronomy

Awareness in the geography allows a rational and correct approach to the question of cultures, traditions and cuisine of the world.

Each country is unique, what is acceptable in one country to another can be strictly prohibited and all these aspects need to be aware of and responsive.

High level service


Catering services include everything witching the world of food and hospitality. The environment is an important aspect of the general impression of the service. How the place looks and feels is a central part of creating and extraordinary service experience.
How food is presented on the plate and how it served also are very important.

Course of Cigars (Vitalier)

Classes cover:
• Cigar regions of the world
• The history of cigars
• Cigar etiquette
• Also included in the experience is a spirit pairing with your choice of whisky or rum.

Course of Sommelier

Sommelier course covers theoretical and practical part( tasting).
During training the student can get acquainted with the most famous grape varieties and will understand what drinks to some dishes fit, what wine really has excellent endurance and true aristocratic aroma and taste.

Course of Barista

Barista course will teach you to understand the different varieties of coffee roasting and processing methods, the secret of making various types of coffee preparation and practice your own masterpieces of fragrant coffee.

Сourse of Floristics

Courses florists prepare masters, specializing in the preparation of bouquets and floral arrangements, arrangement of space with the help of flowers and plants. Course of florists allows us to develop creative abilities of students, to awaken in them the desire for creative design and extraordinary thinking.
Talented teachers spend teaching students enrolled on courses of flower arranging for unique programs based on their own design insights and know-how. The program is constantly adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the times and new trends in fashion.

CRM( Crew Recourse Management)

FA Day/hotel/airport/hotel

Program of psycho-emotional and physical recovery

You will learn how to observe your body, work with him, to keep track of the mental processes and blocks, right out of the stress, learn to relax and live in harmony with itself and the world.

The workshop program is aimed at cleansing and healing the physical body, the elaboration of all parts of the spine, removal of emotional stress, the study of the mechanisms and methods psihosamoregulyatsii and complex "anti-stress".